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School of Samaya is a humanitarian organization focused on self mastery through Emotional Intelligence and Mindful Awareness. We have a unique framework of knowledge that underpins all the programs giving context to the learning materials for easy understanding and comprehension.

School of Samaya is a foundation driven by passionate volunteers serving the Greater Good. We are all about developing people on all 4 levels of their being : Physical (PQ), Mental (IQ), Emotional (EQ) and Self (SQ). We assist people in awakening their intelligence and reaching their potential through their own realizations and inner growth. Organizations benefit from our programs as it brings natural integration and mindful awareness to the workplace which results in improved innovation and less mistakes when performing tasks. It also helps align the workforce to the goals and objectives of the business.

We have the right service and quality programs for you within the emotional intelligence and wellness categories of learning. Our eLearning platform is a perfect medium for busy individuals and professionals who are too busy to attend a full-time workshop. We can customize eLearning programs to ensure that the company objectives are achieved.

School of Samaya is International so we are able to hop on a plane to you to facilitate our programs at your workplace.

Get to know more about School of Samaya and the services we offer.

What is Meditation?
Meditation is a state of deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and receptive. Our mind is never here, right now, in the present moment. Through meditation techniques we transcend the minds vacillation between the past and future and bring it to the expansion of the here and now.

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. A mental state achieved by bringing one’s awareness to the present moment and allowing it to spontaneously interact with the requirements of the present moment.

What is Emotional Intelligence?
Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to be emotionally aware and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

As you can see three different terminologies directed at the same or similar result. Each aspect however focuses on a specific level of our being which is discussed in further detail on our programs.

About Meditation in the Workplace
School of Samaya’s offering of Meditation in the Workplace integrates Emotional Intelligence and Mindful Awareness through Meditation Techniques  that enables the interpersonal integration of the workforce and personal transformation.

Change comes from within! When you do a motivational course or program you are on a high for a few days or weeks and after that you go back into your usual routine because change was only on the surface. With our programs the objective is to shift change from within your self through self realizations and self reflections. Only then is sustainable transformation possible.

If you can come into the present moment by choice, will you do it? If you can stop your thoughts from pulling you into lamenting about the past or worrying about the future, will you want to? The root cause of our misery is this vacillation of our mind between the past and future.

Imagine while you are sending an email you are fully present in the moment. Imagine you are in a meeting and you are completely and fully present, physically, mentally and emotionally. You aren’t thinking about what is for lunch at the cafeteria or how the kids are doing at school or when will this meeting be over. You are fully engaged to respond effectively to what is happening in that moment. In this manner you will be able to manage your time at work more effectively and create that work life balance you strive for. 

So how productive do you think you and your employees will actually be if you could learn to master the art of being in the present moment? Not just in the workplace but in your life?

At School of Samaya we are guided by the teachings of TLB Kruger, International Author and Spiritual Coach of over 30 years now who has mastered the craft of meditation in his daily life and daily activities as well as in his own business. Our programs introduce you to the basics of meditation and take you deeper in understanding how to apply spacial and dynamic meditation techniques in your workplace and at home. Hence we focus on creating work life balance through understanding and awareness.

We offer various solutions to introduce mindfulness to the workplace:
Seminars & Expert Conference Key Note Speaker
Team Building programs
eLearning programs
HR Training
C Level and Executive programs

Browse our website for more information on our offering and contact us to customize a program to suit your needs

Company Details
South Africa
School of Samaya NPC : 2016/228074/08

Tax Registration: 9359555183
BEE Level: Level 2

Learning Unit Standard
Unit Standard: 252031
Title: Apply the principles and concepts of emotional intelligence to the management of self and others
NQF: Level 5
Credits : 4

Learning Unit Standard
Unit Standard: 252035
Title: Select and coach first line managers
NQF: Level 5
Credits : 4

SABPP Accreditation
South Africa
Accreditation Number: CN17CPD0162SABPP
CPD Points : 60
Notional Hours: 200

International Practice for Holistic Medicine

South African Accreditations


We customize your eLearning requirements from a range of Mindfulness learning modules.

The process:
Your employee signs on as a student on our eLearning site (www.schoolofsamaya.org) and once logged in, the relevant modules are available for his/her learning at their own pace. A time frame is given for completion however the learner decides the pace of their learning. Hence offering a stress free and relaxed environment ensuring the knowledge and practices are fully understood. Our facilitators are available for questions and guidance when required. Each module has a practical assignment that is added to the learners portfolio as evidence of their progress. After the program the learner is awarded a Certificate of Completion. Reports are collated and  sent to the HR manager.

All our courses are completed as eLearning programs with video conference support and monthly group sessions.

Watch the Introductory Video

The Registration Process:
Once the course is identified and registered for, you will receive login details to sign on as a student on our eLearning platform. Once logged in, ALL relevant modules are available immediately for you to start learning and at your own pace. You can choose to do the entire program or start with Module Each modules includes a variety of videos with extra knowledge from the facilitators so you feel like you were on an onsite face to face course.

The time frame of 200 hours is given for completion of each module however you decide the pace of your learning. Hence we offer a stress free and relaxed environment ensuring the knowledge and practices are fully understood.

Our facilitators and assessors are support structures for questions and guidance where required. Each module has theoretical and practical assignments  that is added to your portfolio of evidence for your assessments. After all modules are completed you will then be awarded a Certificate of Completion. We have a quarterly Graduation Dinner event for certification process.

Reports are submitted to SACE accordingly to register your CPD Points and hours.

Start your learning today and Register Now.

Improve your skills | Empower yourself | Earn extra income | For the love of empowering children |

TLB Kruger

Founding Director at School of Samaya Trust Foundation

Author | Expert Key Note Speaker | Spiritual Science Mentor | MasterClass Coach

+ 27 11 027 3061

TLB Kruger has been studying spiritual sciences for over 30 years. He is an internationally recognized published author an Expert in the field of integrating spirituality with day to day life activities.
A meditative mind is a relaxed mind. A relaxed mind is receptive.

Karen Kruger

Director at School of Samaya

Mindfulness Facilitator | Author | Spiritual & Transformational Life Coach | Alternative Healer

+ 27 11 027 3061

Karen has over 15 years working with children through to adults in Mindful Coaching and Emotional Healing. Karen’s passion expands to holistic well being for all and this can be seen in the work she does to help people realize their true potential and guide them towards their authentic self.
Change starts from within! Transform your self and you transform how your environment.
  • Is mindfulness a religion?
    • No. Mindfulness is non denominational, non discriminating and non religious
  • How will yoga and meditation affect my religious beliefs?
    • It will strengthen your religious beliefs because mindfulness brings you to the present moment
  • Is there scientific evidence supporting mindful practice?
    • Yes. Please visit our website and have a look at the various links and supporting websites and research done on Meditation and Mindfulness practices. In addition TLB Kruger is a Spiritual Science Expert and he shares this in his book The Perennial Truth.
  • Why should I practice mindfulness as a HR Manager or employee?
    • We are evolving with this new age of technology and the workplace needs to become more present to connect with the demands of the marketplace. Mindfulness techniques will help employees and managers be more present and be able to identify individual  needs easier without effort thereby reducing workplace stress and anxiety and increasing productivity.
  • What is a coach versus a HR Manager?
    • A managers objective is to make the employee understand and grasp a certain piece of knowledge about the organization and its code of ethics. A coach added value to the company by guiding the employee through processes and questions so that he/she taps into their full potential and excels in the job requirement. A managers focus is developing the mental abilities of the employee and a coach focuses on developing the emotional and self awareness abilities of the employee. Both serve their purpose in the whole development of the employee. You now have an employee that is both mentally and emotional vested in their job.
  • What is a facilitator?
    • A facilitator guides the learner through a process of techniques to self understand and self realize the specific outcome required
  • Why does a company need a mindful coach?
    • Employees are becoming more stressed with financial pressures, family pressures, work pressures. There is a demand for mindful practices in the workplace that the employee can apply at any given time when required to help them understand and manage their anxieties, stress and emotional trauma creating a work-life balance support structure to manage their mental health. Mindful techniques are different as it brings awareness to the employee on what the situation is, why is it affecting them so and how can they change from a negative destructive behavior to a positive uplifting state of being. Companies need a Mindful Coach or every HR Manager/Manager should have the skills and tools as a mindful coach to be able to help guide the employee in the present moment not days or weeks after the occurrence.
  • What are the benefits of having a mindful coach in a company?
    • Higher productivity
    • Focused employees
    • Unity and Oneness
    • Connectedness
    • Reduced Stress and Anxiety
    • Reduced Absenteeism
    • Increased Awareness of employees
    • Happier employees
    • Reduced staff turnover
  • How will mindful practice affect my employees in the workplace
    • Mindfulness practice will create a unity amongst the employees, help them focus in a relaxed state of awareness for job tasks, reduce stress for both the employees and the managers, instill values and sense of community within the organization and improve performance management.
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