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Plan your annual strategy sessions with a difference!
What is a strategy session?

‘A strategy session is often thought of as time set aside for planning, which includes a long list of assigned activities with timeframes and resources. Some believe this is where a company’s vision is created or best practices are followed. Even more confusing, at times, are the actions often mislabeled as “strategies.” Most of these falsely labeled strategy sessions are reactive sessions.’

A strategy session is where you make decisions on how you will win while taking into account each step of the strategy framework.

Let us facilitate a Mindful strategy program for you.
Quicker and more effective!

Our intent is to provide you with a Mindfulness processes that will guide you in your strategy session. By applying the mindfulness practices all individuals involved will be aligned to the companies goals and will be able to connect to what is best for the company without the ego’s difference of personal opinions.  You will be able to make the hard choices that are best for your organization.

Our program takes you through 5 key processes within which you and your team have your own time out to work on your strategy. We merely facilitate the start of each session to ensure all parties are in the right frame of mind…in the present moment to fully apply themselves to the strategy session.

We start with the aspiration.

What is the companies purpose, its motivation? This first step is about the companies ideal future, and it frames all other decisions. Ultimately, you’ll want to connect the aspiration to specific benchmarks that enable you to measure your progress toward the ideal future state. The what is the purpose and motivation of its employees? This is important in ensuring the human resources aspects of the strategy is aligned which creates the foundation of mindfulness in the workplace.

The aspiration will broadly define the scope of your activities, and the next two steps define the specific activities. 

Where will you compete?

Where you compete and how you can become the best are tightly connected and are the heart of your strategy session. This is where you begin to narrow your focus.

Here you choose the sandbox where you can achieve your aspiration, narrowing the competitive field and your ideal targets. You can’t be all things to all people. You want to compete where your core strengths will enable you to be the best. Again we guide you to focus on the big picture of the companies goals as well as how the employees fit into this picture and the expectations thereof.

How will you be the best?

You’ve chosen your battlefield; how to be the best will provide you with choices for winning on that battlefield. Here is where you define your recipe for success.

You’ll decide what will enable you to create unique value and sustainably deliver that value to your ideal customers. In addition you will also focus on what skills is required from your employees to achieve this. This competitive advantage is the way your company will create superior value for your consumer, customer, or client and, in turn, create superior returns for your company.

There are many ways to be the best, and because contexts differ significantly, there is no single, simple way to be the best. During your strategy session, you will need to think both broadly and deeply, in the varying contexts available to your company. The most important element of being the best will depend on how you delight customers in a unique way and this fundamentally comes from the people on the ground : your employees. And so we engage with you to ensure the people aspects are addressed as part of the activities of this session.

What are your capabilities, and what else is needed to succeed on this path?

Capabilities are the map of activities and competencies that enable you to be the best on the battlefield you’ve chosen. You must identify what capabilities you have or need and what else is required to support this strategic path. This process allows you to focus on what is currently happening and how that can be improved to succeed.

Many of your capabilities might be strong, or some might be non existent. You may need to look outside your company and outsource to be successful. You will need all of your capabilities to support and reinforce one another. Hence again the aspects of mindfulness in the workplace comes into play where you start to identify the key archetypes required for each competency. TLB Kruger takes you through this in detail to empower you to reflect and review what you need in terms of the people. Having a strategy is one thing but placing the wrong archetypes in the wrong job profiles may affect your success or delay the rewards.

What are the systems and metrics that empower your capabilities?

Systems are notoriously neglected and without them you will not be able to ensure your strategy will work.

The final step in your strategy session will focus on systems that foster, support, and measure the outcomes. These will vary based on your aspirations, the choices you’ve made in the areas to compete and the path you regard to be the best. Overall, even if you have the previous four steps, you will fail if you don’t have systems that will sustain over time.

The beauty of systems is that you don’t have to depend totally on the willpower of people. Your systems are impervious to willpower and will just keep working. Additionally, once you get them running properly, you can continue to benefit from them for a long time.

Wrap up 

No strategy lasts forever. You will need to make strategy sessions a common practice so you may continue to evolve, improve, sharpen, and stay competitive, and ultimately achieve your aspirations. You need to see this as a process rather than a result.

Yes, a strategy session can be risky. When run poorly, it can weaken your team, create distractions, and set unrealistic constraints. Hence in our Mindful Sessions we follow the above framework to guide you to maximize the efficiency and momentum of your strategy session.

In this Mindful Strategy program not only do you produce a strong strategy for your company but you start to create a strong executive team connected as one which will filter as a top down approach to your organization. When execs set the momentum of mindful behavior naturally this has a ripple affect down to the employees.

  • Focused strategy sessions
  • Deliverables met after each session
  • Strong alignment with all execs
  • Unified commitment to the strategy
  • Mindfulness shifts in management
  • Integration of all stakeholders

Course Duration
1 to 2 Day program

Enquire about customizing the program

This program is not offered as an eLearning course due to the interactive human connections in the activities

This is a retreat program in Mauritius or customized accordingly

A prior meeting will take place to understand the needs required for facilitation

Who should attend
This is a program for C-Level, Management and Execs

Course Fee
On Request

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