eLearning Courses

Our Programs

We have a strong range of programs to suit your workplace needs:
› Employee Wellness Advanced Program – Choiceless Awareness
› Applying Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness in the Workplace
› Self Mastery
› HR Facilitator Training Course – Become a Mindful Coach for the Workplace
› HR Practitioner Training Course – Become a Mindful Recruiter for the Workplace

The Process:
Your employee will receive login details as a student on our eLearning site and once logged in, the relevant modules will be available for his/her learning at their own pace.

A time frame is given for completion however the learner decides the pace of their learning.Hence offering a stress free and relaxed environment ensuring the knowledge and practices are fully understood.

Our facilitators are support structures for questions and guidance where required. We use Skype or Zoom for video or voice calls or alternatively we use WhatsApp voice notes or video calls.

Each module has a practical assignment that is added to the learners portfolio of evidence for their assessment. After the program the learner is awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Reports are collated and sent to the HR manager.




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