HR Skills Development

The practice of mindful leadership gives you tools as an HR Manager to measure and manage your employees work life balance. It teaches you to pay attention to the present moment, recognizing the employees feelings and emotions and coaching employees to manage these emotions, especially when faced with highly stressful situations.

When you are mindful, you’re aware of your presence and the ways you impact other people. For HR Managers especially you become more approachable as a coach to your employees. You’re able to provide both observations and guidance in each moment, while making the employee aware of the implications of their actions for the longer term. And that enhances your role as an HR Manager to support, coach and guide your employees preventing them from slipping into a life that pulls them away from their values.

Benefits of becoming a Mindful Coach to your employees:

  1. Trust is built with the employees
  2. The employees feel ‘taken care of’
  3. The employees know they have a support structure
  4. The employee is able to come for coaching outside of ‘performance’ deliverables
  5. The employee is able to give more and be more productive
  6. The employee becomes present
  7. The HR Manager can quickly identify troubled employees
  8. The HR Manager can influence change immediately with mindful practices. There is no delays in waiting on the service provider
  9. The company benefits in its performance and success


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