HR Training : Mindfulness in the Workplace

Course Outline

We have 4 levels of being and in mindful coaching we focus on all 4 levels to bring balance into ones state of living. You cannot focus on just the intellect and expect deliverables as well as happy staff. Emotional Intelligence integrated with physical quotients is as important to create a strong, productive and happy work force.

A company constantly has turnover of staff so training can become costly. Hence School of Samaya offers a Mindful Coaching program that qualifies you as a facilitator.

Course Outline

Become a Mindful Coach for the workplace

  • Self Growth reflections
  • Self Healing techniques
  • Spacial & Dynamic Meditation Techniques
  • Affirmation Card Guidance
  • Present Moment realization
  • Understanding employees through numerology
  • Understanding employees through astrology and archetype analysis
  • Learn how to apply Law of Attraction techniques in the workplace
  • Learn how to bring teams together with creative visualization processes
  • Learn how to facilitate basic Yoga & Meditation routines in the workplace

Outcomes of this Course:

  • You will be able to apply mindfulness techniques to coaching employees
  • You will be able to promote mindfulness in the workplace
  • You will be able to facilitate mindfulness programs in the workplace
  • You will be able to facilitate meditation techniques to employees
  • You will be able to influence the team dynamics in the workplace
  • You will be able to facilitate mindful team building programs

Course Duration
4 Day program

This program is also offered as an eLearning course.

Dates of upcoming courses for 2018
January 15th-18th
April 23rd – 26th
August 27th – 30th

Contact us for onsite courses.

No requirements.

Who should attend
HR Administrators and Managers. Department or Business unit Managers.
Managers and Execs.

Course Fee
R14950 per person attending

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