Mindful Career Coaching for Grade 8 to 12

This is Module 6 of the Mindfulness in the Classroom Module.

Although this targets Grades 8 to 12, we offer this program as part of the comprehensive course so that students can be guided at a young age towards their passions. The creative visualization processes can be applied to Grades 1-7 in guiding and preparing the students for high school and the choices they have to make. You have the option to complete this module or opt not to add this module to your Mindfulness in the Classroom program.

Should you wish to only do this program you are able to with Modules 1: Breathwork and Module 3: Know the Student as compulsory modules to this Module 6.

Course Outline

This course empowers school teachers as a Career Coach & Facilitator for teens aged 13 to 18 who need guidance and coaching in making life choices on their career paths. This workshop is to empower teachers with the skills and knowledge to help teens make the right choices when choosing their subjects and career paths. This is a mindful creative course in guiding teens find out what they really enjoy doing and where their strengths are. Through this process you help teens make the right choices in deciding what subjects they want to pursue based on what their career choices are.

You learn how to empower teenagers to understand themselves better through areology and numerology and much more.

Course Details

In this workshop you will learn how to empower your students to:

  • Understand who he or she is through their personalized astrology chart readings
  • Understand their 12 archetypes
  • Understand what their true birth life path is and life purpose is through their personalized numerology chart readings
  • Discover what is most important to them
  • Discover if they are left brain or right brain individuals : analytical or creative
  • Connect to their true inner self and what makes them happy
  • Create a vision board on what they would like to achieve in their life
  • Create a manifestation grid to get them to take action on what they what to achieve
  • Create awareness of affirmations and how to use them

After this course you will be able to

  • Understand what subjects your students should do that will support what career path they would like to follow
  • Understand if they are more creative or more analytical
  • Discover what they really want to be doing and what the opportunities are within that field
  • Understand who they are as an individual
  • Understand what their strengths and weakness are
  • Discover what are some of the archetypes that they need to work on an develop to be successful
  • Learn basic mindful techniques to manage stress and anxiety

NQF Level : 5

SACE Qualification Code: PR13205
CPTD Points : 15

Services Seta Qualification Code:
SAQA ID: 252031
Total Credits: 4




Course Duration
Length of program: 200 hours

Course Fee 
eLearning : R2 200 / USD 170
South Africa On Site : R4 950
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NQF Level 5
Mindful Career Coach for Grade 8-12

SACE Credits
15 CPTD points

English Speaking
Computer Literate

Who should register :
Post Graduates
Occupational Therapists
Care Givers


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