Mindful Employment

Course Outline

‘One of the keys to achieving business success is by hiring quality employees. The right people can make or break any profit-making enterprise, as they are the foundation upon which a company’s profitability depend.

It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch, so much so that a single bad hire could potentially ruin the whole team’s motivation. This will negatively affect productivity, and ultimately, impact the bottom line.

However, bringing in the perfect candidate to fill a role in your company is not an easy task. Potential hires that look good on paper do not always guarantee the right fit.

Someone who doesn’t shine during the interview might prove to be a better performer, even when compared to someone else who passes it with flying colors. Finding candidates for the right role goes beyond technical skills or the perfect CV. Other factors must be considered as well.


Course Details

Mindful Employment looks at the individual first and understands who they are.

  • We make you understand the 12 archetypes in detail
  • We make you understand the 4 key elements and their traits
  • We look at each department or business unit and what archetypes are best suited for each position
  • We look at the elements that are best suited for each business unit
  • We teach you how to use numerology in employment of people
  • We teach you how to use astrology in employment of people
  • We take you through key mindful interview questions

Course Outcomes

  • You will learn how to analyze the potential candidate on all 4 levels of their being
  • You will be able to understand the potential candidate through their numerology analysis
  • You will be able to stream line potential candidates through archetype analysis beforehand
  • You will be able to review current staff challenges against their missing archetypes and coach accordingly

Course Duration
4 Day program

Dates of upcoming courses
January 22nd to 25th
April 16th – 19th
August 20th – 23rd

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This program is also offered as an eLearning course.

HR Administration. Talent Management. Staff Recruitment.

Who should attend
HR Managers. Employment Agencies or Staff Recruitment. Managers.

Course Fee
R9750 per person attending

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