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Course Details

is an intentional and curious directing of attention to our experience as it unfolds in the present moment, one moment following the next — the very happening of our experience as it is happening without commentary, judgment, or storytelling. When we try to bring mindfulness into life, we also relinquish our agenda for wanting things to be a certain way. We grow more accepting of what is in any given moment, whether this moment in pleasurable or uncomfortable. By doing so, we can become adaptive, durable, and flexible — even courageous in the face of unchangeable circumstances. We learn to regulate ourselves independent of external conditions and the ability to do this brings freedom. Acceptance is not passive resignation. When we can act to change something we act to change it. However, sometimes we cannot act, if we are stuck in traffic, sitting in an airplane on a runway, and in a hundred different life situations.

Meditation is the processes and techniques used to center the mind

We often find our minds attending to the past (regrets, reminiscence, guilt) or the future (planning, anticipation, worry). We do this by attending to our internal stream of thoughts and dialogues or the storytelling mind. The present moment may be pleasant, exciting, empty, uncomfortable, distressing, or painful, but it is in its most basic form – an experience. We suffer as the result of labeling that experience or judging it. Our experience of something is determined by the activity of the storytelling mind, and the storytelling mind often complains, views things negatively, and wants things to be other than they are. If we can observe the present moment without judgment or labeling – with gentle curiosity – then we can live in the present moment (even a painful one) without suffering. Thus, there is a difference between pain and suffering. Suffering is an optional state added on top of discomfort, unhappiness, and disappointment, and the practice of cultivating mindfulness can make this option available to us.

Change your life through meditation. Mindfulness, known for centuries as a tonic for the mind and body, is now the subject of research showing it to be an effective treatment for stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, chronic pain, and coping with medical illness.

In effect, mindfulness programs in the workplace has numerous benefits not just to the employees but the productivity and performance of the company and organization.

Course Details

  • Understanding what Emotional Intelligence is
  • Understanding what Mindfulness is
  • Understanding what Meditation is
  • Get to know who you really are
  • Understanding the source of stress and anxiety
  • Learn how to be present
  • Learn how to balance work and family pressures
  • Learn how to unfocus and perfect relaxed awareness
  • Learn how to let go of old baggage
  • Discover what your goals are and how to achieve them
  • Unleash your talents
  • Learn how to effectively communicate
  • Discover your leadership abilities
  • Realise your purpose and meaning
  • Learn about your 12 archetypes and how to apply them effectively
  • Find balance and union

Course Outcomes

  • Dramatically improves our stress management, making us better able to deal with challenges created by workloads, deadlines and interpersonal conflict.
  • Creates greater mental clarity and focus, upgrading our capacity for critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Enhances our focus on the present moment, thereby promoting greater engagement in the here and now – of particular importance to those operating in high risk environments.
  • Improves awareness of our own thought processes and the emotions they trigger, enabling more effective emotional regulation and resilience.
  • Increases our capacity to read other people, increases understanding of where they may be coming from and enhances empathy.
  • Unleashes our capacity for innovation and creativity.
  • Promotes new possibilities in difficult team or interpersonal relationships by replacing habitual reactions with more considered responses.
  • Supports a more panoramic perspective, better able to manage change.
  • Enriches our appreciation of the greater meaning and purpose in what we do.

Course Duration
12 Week program
2 hours each week

This program is also offered as an eLearning course.

No requirements.

Who should attend
Any employee who wishes to learn how to manage their stress and anxieties in the workplace.
Any employee who wishes to learn mindfulness and meditation techniques.
This is an intensive self transformational course and we recommend employees choose to do this program rather than be forced into it as a compulsory work program.

Course Fee
R1250 per person attending

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