Women in Leadership Program

Outline of the Program
Women are becoming more empowered in the workplace. On this workshop we focus on awakening the femininity within the individual. The natural state of a women is to respond from the heart. They make the connections often not made by men. This program not only empowers and strengthens the individuals self worth and self image but we also maintain her feminine energies.

Women in Leadership tend to sacrifice their femininity with masculine mental energies which is not a natural state for a women. Hence most women in leadership also tend to have family issues because of this. In this program we offer understanding through various processes and techniques to create self acceptance and self expression of ones natural being.

About the Program
We welcome women to what is a totally an amazing journey of deepening, blossoming and flourishing of their inner being. We guide women to connect to their inner wisdom, power, sensuality and sexuality through creating a deeply nourishing and fulfilling relationship with their inner self. This workshop supports and guides women to access their mental energies without sacrificing their own source of feminine energies, natural beauty and confident awareness. The knowledge and techniques shared on this workshops increases the participants self confidence and sense of self worth in ways that will transform their life and empower them in their leadership roles in the workplace. Our processes help create awareness of what’s holding you back and helps release some of your inhibitions to allow your true natural self to flourish.

Details of the Program

  • Explore your inner self
  • Get to know your 12 Archetypes and how to apply this in the workplace
  • Indulge in Mindful Processes
  • Experience Yoga and Meditation
  • Bring work life balance into your being
  • Get to know who you really are
  • Find your purpose
  • Embrace leadership
  • Explore your dreams and goals
  • Find your Smile

What will you benefit from this program

  • Strong sense of self identity
  • Effectiveness in communication
  • Understanding of yourself and others
  • Personal management style
  • Mindful Coaching techniques to apply with your team
  • Create work life balance
  • Become a Mindful leader
  • Maintain your feminine energies in the workplace

Course Duration
2 Day program
Time: 9am to 5pm

This program is not offered as an eLearning course due to the interactive human connections in the activities.

Course Fee
R1250 per person attending. The Course fee includes all materials and resources including tea/coffee and warm lunch.

No pre-requirements.

Who should attend
This is a program for women only. This program benefits all women not just those in leadership positions

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